Industrial Procurement

“atetco” caters tailored and professional procurement and supply to customers across the industrial sector.

Various parameters control supplier selection. These could summarize in cost, quality of goods, certification and appropriate standards (e.g. ISO), reliability, environmental systems, service excellence, and health & safety performance.

Having experienced inside this sector for over a decade, we know how to combine all factors to secure our customers obtain the best possible products. Our professional technical manager and staff which have joined us from the heart of various industries, understand our customer needs and offer the best solutions by their deep knowledge about different products and their manufacturing process. On the other hand, our experienced commercial team, handle the purchase with the best price, delivery time, insurances and etc. This perspective along with our sale networks around the world enables us to fulfil our client desires.

The reason we procure from well-known brands is because of their sets of values and quality. We strive to combine the best quality along with the best price from brands worldwide. So together, we save money for the best quality.